Posted by: insomniac | February 1, 2010

History of the eoi

I Strive

The original earthlings of integrity was formed in the 4th century BC by a group of abudctees held prisoner in “the heavens”. They didn’t know if they would ever see the Earth again. They vowed allegiance to each other and their MOTHER EARTH.

Aducted in 4000 BC

The alien craft picked them up in a clearing not far from their village. The aliens put them on ice for centuries at a time. They would be thawed out and put back on Earth for short periods and then recaptured. The centuries of inactivity made them weak, barley able to stand, let alone handle the pull of gravity. They were put through rigorous training to get them in shape for their return to Earth. At first, they were exercised in large groups, but it was during this re-training that they developed personal bounds, secret societies and a taste for rebellion.

Later they were held in isolation. That was unsuccessful. Groups of six were tried with moderate success. Finally, they were trained in pairs.
The eoi formed in those first sessions claimed thousands of members. When they were split up they lost contact for the most part, but when communications took off at the beginning of the 21st century, surviving eoi members were finally able to unite with their compatriots from around the World. Some of the alliances formed centuries ago were easily rekindled. There were some who had turned their knowledge to profit and gain and lost sight of the credos. Even today, 2097, some of the most powerful men on the Planet are thought to have once been members of the eoi.

The credos developed over the years as a defense against the Great Peril. They were first used as affirmations in the early 1960s, when the eoi began to grow in numbers and understanding. It wasn’t until 1994 that the credos were written down and passed among the membership. By the year 2020, they had been outlawed. Even collectors were forbidden from owning “the Cards” or wearing the “Colors”. Of course, it only increased their value on the blackmarket and eoi t-shirts have been in fashion for decades.